Sound: Piano
Show Letters: ON
Colorful: On

Don't Step The White Tile (Piano Tile).
HTML5 Version
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Web & Game Developer

Web Developer

Don't touch any white tile!

Tap the lowest black tiles and get 50 ones as soon as possible.

You can play the game with Mouse or Keyboard with buttons ( A, S, D, F).

Piano Tiles (Don't tap the white tile)

Classic Mode


Best 8.767"

Piano Tiles (Don't tap the white tile)

Classic Mode


Best 8.767"


About The Game

If you enjoy challenging, addictive and fun games then this article is just made for you as it will introduce a well-known game Piano Tiles which has conquered the hearts of most players in the nest of internet flash games. Are you seeking for entertainment or simple game with no simple rules? Are you tired of lags which most games has? Do you want to join an increasing community of addictive game fans? A completely new concept of the game from the award-winning puzzle game awards game developers something fresh to the market for a mouse puzzle fans and fanatics. At the beginning of the game whether you win or lose is uneven and uncertain as the game seems to be quite easy. And indeed, what’s the hardness in this field of tiles? Black and white tiles, just do not tap the white tiles and you will win. The game can be played via mouse and for those who seek for enjoyment in their smart phones and tablets, the android version is also available. Keep playing and do not tap the white tile and you are the winner. Easy, huh? Well, the thing is that the game does not represent easy platform as it seems from the rules because you need to guess the image based on the part of the picture that is displayed. You will need to look carefully on uneven picture to decide which part of the photo will be the white tile.

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Are you ready for the exhibition of white tiles? Then just do not tap on them and try to identify as many tiles as you can when you move forward to the next levels. The less moves you make to reveal the check best massage chairs s picture, the better! This game will test your power and your quick skills at the same time. You'll have to use your imagination every moment for hundreds of tiles. Do not worry, no adult content, so it's a perfect brain teaser for everyone! Brush up on your mouse and finger skills because the tiles are going to damage you psychologically. Take your smart skills at the higher level, come, hit the play button and show your skills crossover! If you think that the rules are so simple that you will quit playing, I should tell you my friend that you are wrong. This game will prove that even in case of simple rules, because of the plot and gaming platform the game remains highly addictive and popular for years. Do you think that the tiles are boring? online sesxi, Popular Games, Idle Clicker Games Well, there are enough tiles here to keep you playing for days! The graphics and game play screen are sharp, and we guarantee countless hours nothing but fun! Earn points or in other words, virtual coins beating levels with style, and use the proceeds to a bunch of tips. They will help you when you get stuck and you will!

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The game Piano tiles has simple playing rules but in fact the gaming style is not quite easy. You might feel pain in your fingers and if you play with the android device your screen might be the visual content of your fingerprints. This game is free and you do not mess around with ads. Join phenomenon game called Piano Tiles, feel yourself as anti-pianist today and you’ll really feel what it like to play puzzle game! The game with the highest features will make your positive mood last longer. The features that distinguish this particular puzzle addictive game from others includes: simple and familiar game play you know and love as well as unlimited fun: two hundred tiles to go with and choose which to tap black or white and more! The features also include high-quality images, I mean tiles and pixels won’t cause pain in your eyes and fitted display for tablets as well as smart phones. The highly addictive and popular game piano tiles increases difficulty as you progress through the tiles in the game. As mentioned above, you can earn coins when you perform the correct job. If you want to monitor your achievement, the game will remember the past earned points or scores and every time you succeed, you will be able to compare the competitive scores earned in the game Piano Tiles. Join the community from all around the world and become the part of the highest growing game addicted fans and enjoy the highest satisfaction without advertising. The future offers us free updates in the game so unlike the younger games this one will continue growing as long as the community number will rise.

So, as you see the online flash game piano tiles which can be played in almost any browser absolutely free offers great fun for everyone from beginners through intermediate and expert level; adults and children of all ages will enjoy guessing the tiles in this logic. All decisions of the tiles is a color, either black or white, so that even little kids will be able to guess the answer, tap the correct tiles and earn online scores. And, what’s more there is always a bunch of hints in the game manic if you get stuck on tiles or become tired from tapping the wrong tiles as due to the addictiveness of the game, you might feel disappointed from yourself. We hope you enjoy these famous tiles on the well-known instrument, the gaming platform and hit the maximum amount of scores. Kids, adults and grandparents, try to exercise your finger skills and try to guess the next tile with brain intellect and imagination. Keep your mind active and try to develop smart as well as speed skills. Designed to be compatible with all Android devices, smart phones and tablets, including the Samsung Galaxy Google Nexus, Amazon Kindle Fire HD and FireOS, the game will be your companion even in public transport, job or school. Some game versions of Piano Tiles is also available separately for iPad, iPhone, Windows Phone, Blackberry and Windows 8 surface of the device. Except piano tiles, kids these days love to play criminal case games. You can also play best tank game on, online gun games for boys. There are another option for tank battling lovers - the game called tank trouble 2